Change Management

Change Management, as a discipline, is now more than ever an ongoing feature of many organisations. The continuous nature of change puts pressure on many aspects of an organisation but none more so than on staff and management. The requirement for the effective delivery of a professional Change Management process is now more business critical than ever.

The successful management of change requires the process to be professionally integrated in the change programme. At MacKenzieYoung we are experienced in dealing with all aspects of change which affect people, and can provide a wide range of services to clients.

  • Providing and assisting with a strategic perspective
  • Identifying and managing the key success levers of change
  • Overcoming negative reactions and barriers
  • Coaching leaders responsible for change or individuals affected by change
  • Consultation/negotiation between union, staff representatives, management and staff
  • Communication and engagement models to support change
  • Project support on the people aspects of change

Change Management is the discipline which ensures that a company meets new and existing performance targets rapidly and effectively. This is done by creating the correct and most appropriate management disciplines and processes, organisation structures, culture, competencies and capability for superior human performance so that change goals can be achieved.

Change Management is also about ensuring that all those impacted by change are ready, willing and able to cope with the 'new way of doing things', so that performance is maximised during and after any transformation programme. Change, as often as not, is something that staff do not embrace willingly, yet by its very nature it is essential to the longevity of the business. Without the successful adoption of change by staff, the maximum return from the Company's investment will not be realised.

To achieve that benefit staff must be guided through change in a way that sustains and embeds the new way of working. A key element of the acceptance of change is to have in place training programmes which deal with the impact and issues of change.